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A Leading Graphic Display Hire Company

Grafit Display Hire is one of the leading agencies in the display events and exhibition industry, propelled forward by directors with over 20 years of experience producing bespoke structures, printing vibrant artworks and creating impactful solutions for our clients time and time again

- Where We Stand Today -

The success we have achieved hasn’t come to us easily. We have put in a "grafit" to get where we are today and don’t plan on stopping short of our ultimate goal anytime soon. We embrace new ways of thinking, allowing creativity to flourish rather than pass over new ideas, we value the progression of technology, allowing us to produce quicker and in a more sustainable format. 


Everything we do is with the mindset of supporting brands with traditional, quirky, crazy ideas and possibilities to produce work that wows customers and encapsulates brands correctly. We have had the privilege of working across every sector from live sporting events, workspaces and conferences to festivals, construction sites and stores across industries from travel, retail, technology, FMCG and B2B, you think it, we’ve covered it.


Based in the North Of England, we are right in the heart of the UK allowing us to cover any location within a few hours. But we don’t just stop at our borders, we are pushing the boat out and shipping and installing right across Europe, America and Asia.

Our Environmental Policy Grafit.jpg

Our Green Approach

As all brands should be, we are extremely aware and cautious about the impact we have on the environment. We understand the issues that come from our industry, with artworks destroyed and banners just binned, frameworks left and not repurposed, which is why we are lowering the impact we have as much as possible. Using reusable materials to build our frameworks, meaning we can dismantle and reuse our displays for future work. 

Our History Grafit.jpg


Our Creation

For those looking to see where Grafit came from, it was the brainchild of our director Andy Phillips. Andy worked as one of the leaders in the automotive industry and witnessed the company spending £40,000 on an exhibition. That artwork, frame and materials were largely destroyed, and never used again. An action that left Andy speechless, and thought there should be a better way for brands to generate what they need in a more cost-effective, hassle-free way! 


How We Are Expanding

Now, we are expanding our team and our warehouse to cope with the growth we’ve experienced over the last 12 months, and are working on some of the biggest events out there, and we believe that this will just be the start of it all to come!


Award Winning Company

We recently became a multi-award winning company, showcasing that we are moving in the right direction and our goal of becoming one of the biggest display agencies is well and truly on its way, and we can't wait to continue to showcase our work to the UK and Internationally. 

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