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Bespoke Structures

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Create Your Dream Structures Properly

We understand that not everything off the shelf works for brands, and why we offer a bespoke structure package. For us, the creativity and scalability of bespoke structures make it one of the most rewarding services we offer, even with all the stress it can produce! 

Our design-to-installation service allows us to bring your ideas and requirements to life, the use of aluminium profiles can be shaped and sized to create an array of indoor or outdoor structures across any industry.

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Production, Print & Installation

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Fully Customisable

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Quick Delivery Options

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Our Green Hire Capability

We understand that the display industry produces a large amount of waste, and can be costly, which is why we offer all our products and services as a hire service. The benefits to you and your business are simple, produce the same desired outcome, for a more cost-effective price range, and lower your impact on the environment, what's not to like? 

We are able to break down our innovative solutions, to fit into smaller vehicles and reduce the need for larger transportation, along with our experienced fitters who can take away the stress and worry off your hands, and ensure you receive the most impactful solutions possible. Along with our internal print capability, we can support you across all stages of your journey and ensure 100% satisfaction

Our project management doesn't stop there, we test all our structures internally before getting on-site, meaning we have complete confidence that they will work and that any issues that occur can be rectified before the event. Our hire options still give you the freedom to use bespoke sizes to create your flexible spaces. 

We understand that creativity can be limited at times by space and size, so maximising what you can do within the space can make a huge difference to the people you're trying to impress. 


Doing something different to the rest is a recipe for success, whether it be down to the location in which you have to work, or you are trying to impress, customising your stands, exhibitions and structures to fit your requirements and produce something stunning. How does a bespoke exhibition stand unlock your branding and break out of the mundane formula? The limit only becomes your imagination.

Creating Big Impact With Big Branding

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The benefit of bespoke structures is that It’s your vision, which means that you haven’t got anything limiting you but your imagination. Add a freestanding totem to give your space some field of depth, create some dynamic movements with a rotating cube stack, and illuminate your artwork through front or backlit lighting options, getting the artwork to stand off the structures. Make use of our giant catalogue of elements from counters and kiosks to freestanding structures and arches to elevate your brand. 

Bespoke exhibition stands don’t mean we have to forget about waste. As a company pushing for sustainability within the sector, we use reusable materials to produce exhibitions and spaces time and time again. That’s the beauty of hiring the equipment, you can go as big and bold as you like, and only pay around ⅓ of the cost of purchasing all of the materials, you then don’t have to worry about storing the artwork, or the frames, simply focus on the big event. 

How We Achieve Large-Format Displays

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How can I see my bespoke structure to sign off the shape?

With any bespoke structure that we create, we always create a render graphic beforehand, which states all of the sizes, along with giving you the ability to add your artwork into the positions that they are designed for. 


For larger bespoke spaces, we have the capability to produce flythroughs, showcasing each area individually, to really give you an idea of how the space will fill out, which is perfect for understanding how to plan the rest of your event from a space perspective.

Are bespoke structures more expensive than traditional stands?

They don’t have to be! The costs are worked out on a number of factors, such as the amount of material needed to create the desired outcome, this is where you would see costs be similar to other structures. The cost mainly depends on manpower and the complexity of the installation and creation. If it requires more time to put up and create, needs to be supported under its own weight, or any number of factors; that is where brands could notice the difference in costs from a bespoke structure to a traditional exhibition stand or structure. 

What materials are used in a bespoke structure?

The framework and structures that you create may need the addition of multiple materials to ensure your desired finish. The main technique we would suggest would be using Tension Fabric Systems (TFS) to create a drum-like tightness finish. When adding additional elements to the structures such as TV’s we would use wooden boards to attach behind the structure, giving you the space you need to drill and hang sections from. 

We have created several structures using a wide range of substrates such as wood, dibond, foamex, aluminium, to barrels and anything else!

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