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Tension Fabric Displays

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Produce Outstanding Structures With Tension Fabric Systems

The perfect way for brands to produce flawless, smooth and eye-catching messaging indoors and outdoors! 

Are you looking to create a temporary or long-lasting display using wall-mounted, freestanding or illuminated measures? Then Tension Fabric Display Structures are the answer to your needs. We are one of the leading Tension Fabric Display Companies capable of producing small and large-scale systems with our expert installers and producing high-quality, long-lasting prints internally. We are your perfect one-stop shop for any display need! 

Our tension fabric system uses lightweight aluminium frames which can be broken down into small pieces for easy transportation and built up into sturdy, durable structures with just an Allen Key! 

With a warehouse full of materials, market-leading printers, and an award-winning team behind us we can transform any space with ease. 

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Production, Print & Installation

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Quick Delivery Options

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Hire Tension Fabric Displays

We understand that brands are tightening their wallets, which is why we offer the ability to hire all our Tension Fabric Displays for short or long-term solutions. Why? Because we believe in making the events industry more sustainable and by hiring Tension Fabric Graphic Displays not only do you save ⅓ of the cost of purchasing the solution, no material waste is left as the structure can be reused and the graphics recycled.

Our hire tension fabric systems break down to fit into smaller vehicles and reduce the need for larger transportation, along with our experienced fitters who can take away the stress and worry off your hands, and ensure you receive the most impactful solutions possible. Along with our internal print capability, we can support you across all stages of your journey and ensure 100% satisfaction

Tension Fabric Display Examples

We use tension fabric systems across a wide array of our products, here are some examples where tension fabric systems produce a perfect finish. 

Perfect backdrop for your stage show or conference, a curved tension fabric display gives you the ideal space to showcase what you are talking about, and create colourful and vibrant branding opportunities that will stay across your promotional videos and images.

Curved Tension Fabric Display Stands

The Telegraph Curved Press Wall Grafit.jpg
Grafit Exhibition Stand.jpg

Break out of the traditional shell scheme and pop-up exhibitions and create a sturdy, attention-grabbing space to promote your business, make connections and highlight your product or service through tension Fabric exhibition stands.

Tension Fabric Exhibition Display Stands

Use tension fabric lightboxes as a quick and hassle-free way to illuminate your messaging. Need to swap over to a new campaign? Using tension fabric systems means your lightbox can showcase something new in just a few minutes!

Tension Fabric Lightboxes

Liverpool FC Lightboxes Grafit Display Hire.jpg
MOBO Award Press Wall Grafit.jpg

Create the perfect backdrop for your professional event loaded with an impactful design or filled with your sponsorship logos, or transform your space into a photo opportunity! Press walls create easy-to-recognise spaces for the attendees.

Tension Fabric Press Walls

Silicone Edge Graphics - Grafit Display Hire.jpg

How Our Silicone Edge Graphics Work

Silicone Edge Displays are how we produce our fabric systems, but some people aren’t aware of what that means or how you use it. What it means is sewing silicone around the edge of the entire graphic, which can be done across the black back and front-lit materials, creating the same perimeter around the banner. We then take the silicone edge and insert it into the open space within our aluminium frames, ensuring that the silicone is not visible and completely subdued into the metal.


This effect allows the material to be in a constant state of stretch, meaning an extremely tight, drum-like effect within the frame to ensure no bobbles and a smooth finish throughout.

Need to keep the framework up but change the messaging? Silicone edging means that you can take out and replace graphics within just a few minutes, saving customers money and allowing brands to simply replace the graphics as opposed to the entire unit. 

Hire Our Tension Fabrics Today

Not only are we experts, but we offer all of our tension fabric displays as purchase and hiring options, to help brands with their budget, and remove the need for storage! This means you can save ⅓ of the cost of purchasing if your event is one-time use, or if you purchase our stock you only need to repurchase artwork when needing to change imagery, all whilst picking a sustainable solution and a green-focused company, a win-win!


Get in touch with our experts today and find out how we can help across your design, print, build and installation needs - we are here to help brands succeed! 

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