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Grafit Display Hire, based in Skelmersdale, Lancashire, are specialists in delivering high-quality exhibition stands, displays and event structures, working on behalf of large brands across a variety of industries throughout the UK and occasionally Europe.

We are seeking a dynamic and proactive individual to join our team as an Modular Display and Exhibition Stand Builder. 

This role combines elements of production assistance in our warehouse facility with hands-on involvement in the setup and installation of exhibition stands and displays at various events across the UK. The ideal candidate should be organised, detail-oriented, and capable of working efficiently both independently and as part of a team.

Key Responsibilities

  • Assist in the preparation, cutting and test assembly of aluminium structures  required for exhibition and displays

  • To organise and prepare kit relevant for each project referring to paperwork, technical plans and 3D drawings

  • Help with inventory management, including stocking, labelling and organising materials within the warehouse.

  • To participate in the loading and unloading of vehicles as equipment, exhibition stands, and displays leave and return to the workshop.

  • Collaborate with team members and dept Managers to ensure timely completion of production tasks.

  • Maintain cleanliness and organisation within the warehouse space.

  • Follow safety protocols and guidelines to ensure a safe working environment.

  • Working alone on smaller projects and assisting the senior install team with larger projects at various event venues across the UK.

  • Uphold high standards of quality and attention to detail throughout the installation process.

Although all training will be given the ideal candidate would have the following

  • Experience of building exhibition stands and event structures.

  • Practical experience and knowledge of basic construction/joinery 

  • Some previous or similar experience of working within a workshop/warehouse.

  • Basic understanding of electrical wiring

  • Comfortable on a client facing level with good interpersonal skills and can work under your own initiative.

  • Ability to interpret and work from technical drawings.

  • Good understanding of Health & Safety practices within a workshop and on-site.

  • Ability to participate in loading and unloading of vehicles with some heavy and bulky lifting of stands and displays.

  • Punctual and reliable

  • Good multitasker with flexible and pro-active attitude

  • Excellent attention to detail who takes pride in their work.

  • Flexibility with working hours and working away during the week with overnight stays 

  • An interest in live events/exhibitions.


  • Over 25 with a Full UK driving licence

  • A great work ethic, including a willingness to learn, work evenings and weekends when needed

  • Ability to work and communicate as part of a small friendly team

  • Physically able to lift and move heavy objects

  • Adherence to health and safetyComfortable working on a step ladder or access platform

Salary: £25k per annum plus overtime 

(Salary negotiable dependant on experience)

Check out our website and see some of the wonderful projects we work on

Apply via email and send CV to

When you go to any exhibition or anything similar, there will always be small pop-up stands there for a business to promote their offerings and services. Leaving a good first impression on a potential customer is always a positive but what makes these little stalls stand out from the rest? 

Though, I can hear you asking: “What exactly is a pop-up stand?”. A pop-up stand is a form of display that you’ll see at every trade show, conference or exhibition that you go to. They’re made from PVC graphic panels that attach to the metal frame, making it super easy to collapse and rebuild at a moment’s notice.

The most important details for a successful pop-up

An eye-catching design

When you’re at an exhibition, which stands catch your eye more? Is it the boring, monochrome stall or the one with unique colours and shapes? Needless to say, something about your stand needs to be unique and it needs to pique the interest of potential customers. Whenever a potential customer sees something that perfectly represents your business and how you operate, they could come and inquire about your business.

The design of the stand could just be through the choice of colours such as oranges or browns to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. People may want to take a look and see if your company may be what they are looking for. However, sometimes it could be within the actual physical design itself. This could be through an interesting walkway for welcoming attendees or a pretty freestanding lightbox that could catch the eye of someone walking by- showing what you offer through a unique way.

The people stationed at your pop-up stand

Another huge factor of why these stands are ever popular is the people who are manning it. When inquiring about a company, everyone unanimously agrees that it’s better to get the opinion from someone who is experienced in the craft. It’s always a relief to have someone who has worked within the industry and knows the inner workings of it, meaning your customers are guaranteed to get good advice and perhaps they might even enquire about a certain product that they’re interested in.


Making sure a potential customer has been told about what you stand for is also increasingly important, with ever-changing opinions on the environment and different ways to protect it or even just the way you operate, it’s always good to have someone knowledgeable on everything that someone might need to know.

Another majorly important thing you will need to consider is who you are tailoring your company to. By placing yourself in front of the correct target audience, you will probably get more inquiries about what product/services are available than ever.

Pop-up stands are a cost effective solution

While being on the exhibition floor, you may start to stress about the cost of these systems. However, you needn’t worry about that either! Pop-up systems are the cheapest way to exhibit your business, with pull-up banners costing as little as £100. This ensures that you are being incredibly cost-effective when it comes to exhibitions.

A really good thing about a pop-up system is that it’s very portable. You simply need to collapse it back down to what it was previously and then you’re off. Compared to the headache that are shell schemes, it can really cut down on time and make life so much easier for everyone.

What’s in it for you?

After covering some reasons for you to use a pop-up stand for customers’ sakes, why should you invest in a pop-up stand that you may only use once?

For one, it’s a good idea for getting your brand out there. Having just a simple presence during an exhibition could let people know that your services are available. Any publicity could massively boost your market presence, perhaps leading to an increase in customers.

Whilst pop-up systems are a great cost-effective way to produce branding and event spaces, they are limited to the size and the overall effect they produce. Tension Fabric Systems are an alternative that delivers your desired effect in a more eye-catching and vibrant solution. For the same price as a pop-up stand, you can hire the frame that is fully customisable and leaves you with a more professional, thought out finish. Not to mention the system being made of reusable materials, and the graphics being completely PVC free allowing you to recycle your branding once you have finished with it. 

Get in contact with our team to see how we could provide you with a cost-effective solution that meets your needs.

Event Branding is one of the most important elements of a successful event. Why? Because the groundwork you put in from the start and the vision you dream up has to work, otherwise your event won’t be as successful or run as smoothly as you would hope. Events ran properly leave an extremely positive impression and feeling about your business, alluding to the fact that the more you put in, the more you get out of it. 

The secret to event branding is simple, you need to consider what you are building, who you are building it for, and what you hope they get out of your show. Consider your values, image and messaging you're known for and ensure you align with your brand identity, meaning you can generate business leads, and make meaningful connections with people that suit your sector.

What is Event Branding?

Event Branding is the decision brands take to create an identifiable colour scheme, layout and image to tie in all elements of an event. This can be from the logos, slogans, messaging, directional signage and anything else that creates a visual effect to stand out.

The more branding opportunities you can provide at your event, the higher our ability to attract more sponsors, to create more zones and areas, that attract more visitors and get noticed by the public. The branding opportunities can be as simple as naming the events, supplying food or drink only from a specific brand, or something as simple as a branded lanyard. 

The event branding needs to be cohesive and easy to understand, meaning that the tone is with your messaging, colour palettes and strategy. By making your materials and experiences fit together holistically, you create a better experience for the attendees. Themes are a great way of organically building an effective event branding opportunity, meaning both attendees and sponsors are able to understand and join in with their messaging and design. 

Traditional Event Branding Examples

Branded Bags 

Branded materials that you hand out at your event that can offer brand image after the event is over such as tote bags, pens, notepads and more.

Social Wall 

Create a photo opportunity for the attendees to share across their social media - get your key messaging or sponsors across the background. 

Event App

With downloadable content, timetables, and event layouts, the event app is the perfect way to brand your event with useable content for your attendees. 

Event Website 

Get found online organically by having an interactive and exciting website that draws people to attend your event. 

The Future Product Of Event Branding

We have found the perfect way to create several points of event branding that catch the eye of every visitor, the Illuminated Rotating Cube Stack.

A product offering that highlights your products or services in the most creative way possible, the cube stacks are a talking point and an eye-catcher all in one. Produce eye-catching branding by using our bold and unique illuminated rotating cube stacks. 12 tension fabric graphics give you the space to promote your product and events to make your areas pop. With the ability to spin you can have all four sides exposed to viewers at any time, and at any angle. This means people don’t have the chance to miss all of the information you are trying to get in front of them.

Get in touch with our team today and find out how you can brand your event in the most spectacular way.

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