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The first time people see a product or service is one of the most important first impressions they will have. Bold, colourful imagery and messaging that stands out from their locations are great ways to get their attention, which is the hardest part of having an exhibition stand. 


Enhance your chances of getting visitors by scaling up your exhibition space with our premium shell schemes, made with reusable, portable and lightweight structures finished with seamless fabrics, with the ability to illuminate return walls and integrate TVs.

Bespoke, High-Quality Exhibition Stands

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Bespoke Sizing & Design

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Grafit Display Hire is a leading Exhibition and Event company, winning awards for its exhibition stands both for innovation and quality, 

Our exhibition stands have been to every big exhibition centre located within the UK and Internationally, using our lightweight bespoke sized frames that make transportation easy, some fitting within cars or smaller vans. We use reusable materials meaning after de-rig, we are able to save on any additional waste. 

We finish our exhibition stands using a Tension Fabric System (TFS) finish, with a silicone edge to ensure all areas of the stand are seamless and look as professional as possible.


Whether you need exhibition stands in London, Liverpool, Birmingham or internationally, we are able to produce perfect shell schemes that will leave your competitors in awe.  

How We Work

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Our Green Hire Capability

We understand that the display industry produces a large amount of waste, and can be costly, which is why we offer all our products and services as a hire service. The benefits to you and your business are simple, produce the same desired outcome, for a more cost-effective price range, and lower your impact on the environment, what's not to like? 

We are able to break down our innovative solutions, to fit into smaller vehicles and reduce the need for larger transportation, along with our experienced fitters who can take away the stress and worry off your hands, and ensure you receive the most impactful solutions possible. Along with our internal print capability, we can support you across all stages of your journey and ensure 100% satisfaction

Our project management doesn't stop there, we test all our structures internally before getting on-site, meaning we have complete confidence that they will work and that any issues that occur can be rectified before the event. Our hire options still give you the freedom to use bespoke sizes to create your flexible spaces. 

Print - We use a dye sublimation printer to achieve a vibrant and clear finish to all of our stands

Press - The prints are now put through a press machine at high temperatures to activate the ink and bring out the colours

Cut - Dimensions are cut to perfection using a Bulmer machine to ensure pinpoint accuracy

Our Exhibition Stand Process

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How do i make my Exhibition Stand great?

Include Relevant Images

Sounds simple enough, but sometimes forgotten. Pairing relevant images and graphics together can make or break your stand, and show relevant eye-catching branding which enhances your build.

Don't Overcrowd it

One mistake brands make is trying to fit everything into a relatively small size. Put your most important services and straplines, but don’t just list everything - people won’t read it all! If you are struggling, try an exercise at a staff base to explain your business in 20 seconds!

Keep It On Brand

In today’s globalized world, chances are you are interacting with people from more than just one country. This is where our multilingual functionality comes into play. Take advantage of this unique capability to expand your reach.

Consider The Location

Where your stand is placed is often overlooked when it comes to planning, ensure you find out if you are near any big, high-traffic areas if your walkway is a mainstay or secluded, if there are event halls near you find out what they are talking about and use it as a way to start conversations.


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What size are exhibition stands?

Depending on the event you are going to, and the floor space that you have provided, is the main dictator of your exhibition stand size. In theory, you can build pretty much anything at any size!


The bigger the structure is, the more support elements are needed for health and safety reasons.

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How can i make my Exhibition Stands noticeable? 

Artwork and structures can only take you so far, the more eye-catching and interactive your exhibition stand is, the more likely it will attract attention to your business. Elements such as TVs, lights and freestanding structures are always seen as elements that create a more professional exhibition stand. 

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How much do exhibition stands cost?

Exhibition stands can cost as little as £50, but like a lot of things in business, the more money you put in, the more you get out. Cheap exhibition displays like that can only get you so far, so why not invest in your future at events that could create meaningful relationships and leads by creating an innovative and inspiring design.

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