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Illuminated Cube Stacks

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A brainchild of our very own director, the cubed stacks is one of our favourite products for our clients. A cost-effective marketing tool for brands to showcase their products, services and offerings in an eye-catching manner. 

Produce eye-catching branding by using our bold and unique illuminated rotating cube stacks. 12 tension fabric graphics give you the space to promote your product and events to make your areas pop.

Cube Stacks - Designed for Exhibitions and Retailers

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Production, Print & Installation

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Quick Delivery

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Bespoke Sizing

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Our Green Hire Capability

We understand that the display industry produces a large amount of waste, and can be costly, which is why we offer all our products and services as a hire service. The benefits to you and your business are simple, produce the same desired outcome, for a more cost-effective price range, and lower your impact on the environment, what's not to like? 

We are able to break down our innovative solutions, to fit into smaller vehicles and reduce the need for larger transportation, along with our experienced fitters who can take away the stress and worry off your hands, and ensure you receive the most impactful solutions possible. Along with our internal print capability, we can support you across all stages of your journey and ensure 100% satisfaction

Our project management doesn't stop there, we test all our structures internally before getting on-site, meaning we have complete confidence that they will work and that any issues that occur can be rectified before the event. Our hire options still give you the freedom to use bespoke sizes to create your flexible spaces. 

Traditionally 3x3 cube stacks, we have engineered a way to be able to go as tall as 6 cubes high, allowing for your branding to truly be seen. 


Have a new campaign that you want to run? Not a problem the artwork is easily updated, printed and installed to produce the same effect with new messaging and imagery. Because of this, the product is also cheaper than the likes of a pop-up banner in the long run and elevates your branding more.

Our Cube Stack Expertise

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The cube stacks come in two different sizes, the traditional size is 650mm by 650mm, however in order to go higher, we reduce the size to 500mm by 500mm light box frame. They are able to be illuminated to further catch the eyes of consumers.

As innovators, we thought about how else to elevate the product and came up with the idea of making it dynamic in movement. With the ability to spin the cubes, you can have all four sides exposed to viewers at any time, and at any angle. This means people don’t have the chance to miss all of the information you are trying to get in front of them. 

So whether you need your cube stacks in London, Liverpool, Midlands, Scotland or internationally, we have the capability to deliver on time and to budget. 

Our Bespoke Cube Stack Sizes

What Are Illuminated Rotating Cube Stacks?

Cube Stacks are a concept that has been around for a few years, offering a clever way for brands to draw attention to their offerings. In Grafit Display Hire, however, we made them bigger, better and bolder. Adding the illumination, rotation and ability to make the cubes go taller than traditional allows us to offer a unique structure for brands to use and generate interest.

How Do I Power Cube Stacks?

All you need to power the Illuminated Rotating Cube Stack is a standard plug socket, the wire is roughly 2m long and the battery block can be stored internally, so you can simply use wire hiders to stop any trip hazards. 

Can Cube Stacks Stand Alone?

Cube Stacks are available to be freestanding when they are only three cubes high. Because of the size, anything over the cubes needs to be embedded into a solid structure such as an exhibition stand, or a support stand to ensure that they would not fall over or create a hazard for your space. 

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