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Large Format Displays

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Large Format Display & Print Experts

Sometimes size isn’t everything, but when it comes to large format Displays, the bigger the artwork, the more eyes it attracts to read the messaging or information, or the more showstopping the pattern or design produced power it creates. 

Some of the biggest events in the world require large-format prints to cater for the thousands of people visiting. From retail giants, to live events and festivals, large-format displays produce the big impact you need.

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Our Green Hire Capability

We understand that the display industry produces a large amount of waste, and can be costly, which is why we offer all our products and services as a hire service. The benefits to you and your business are simple, produce the same desired outcome, for a more cost-effective price range, and lower your impact on the environment, what's not to like? 

We are able to break down our innovative solutions, to fit into smaller vehicles and reduce the need for larger transportation, along with our experienced fitters who can take away the stress and worry off your hands, and ensure you receive the most impactful solutions possible. Along with our internal print capability, we can support you across all stages of your journey and ensure 100% satisfaction

Our project management doesn't stop there, we test all our structures internally before getting on-site, meaning we have complete confidence that they will work and that any issues that occur can be rectified before the event. Our hire options still give you the freedom to use bespoke sizes to create your flexible spaces. 

When it comes to large-format displays, we are one of the UK’s leading display companies. Nothing is too big or bold for us, our expert display team have dealt with some of the biggest event branding spaces across the UK and internationally, it isn’t a question of if we can do it, it’s when can we do it by. 

Located in the middle of the UK, we have the ability to oversee any and all elements of your structure process process. From the print, cut, and delivery, to our dedicated installers and fitters, to how we manage your expectations and plan together the timescales for the job, we make the process hassle-free for you without losing our cost-effective ethos. 

Creating Big Impact With Big Branding

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Our warehouse hosts some of the industry-leading machinery, along with large stock and displays, we have the ability to fully furnish large areas with our structures. Headed up my teams with over 20 years of experience in the print industry, we understand the importance of getting your branding perfect across your advertising and marketing messaging. 

Just because a brand wants to make a big impact, doesn’t mean we have to compromise on the impact we have on the environment. By offering hiring options and using more durable materials to create your large-format displays, you can reduce the costs whilst still producing an impactful solution with our future-proof options. 

How We Achieve Large-Format Displays

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What Are Large Format Displays? 

Large Format Displays are used for commercial and branding purposes to achieve eye-catching, thought-provoking and emotional connections to campaigns and messaging across sectors such as retail, live events, sporting events and hospitality and corporate events in order to connect with visitors and customers. 

Large displays require large-format printing from banners, posters, vinyl, displays and more. All of our internal printers are classed as wide-format printers, with some being able to hold over 150m2 of material at one time.

Do I Need Large Format Displays?

It all depends on the size of your requirements, from personal experience, the majority of installations for retail spaces, events and exhibitions would be classed as large format displays, which requires expertise to install. 

What Is The Maximum Size Of Large Format Displays?

The short answer to your large question is there is no maximum size! Of course, there are typical restrictions to what size you can produce displays, such as the space that is being used, indoor, outdoor and so on. But in terms of the large format display and print, you can theoretically scale up to your heart's content. 

You can start running into restrictions for substrates, once you go past the traditional sizes of materials, solutions such as joins in fabrics and pattern matches within vinyl are required to keep the effect going, but it won't stop you from creating your dream output.

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