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Green Podiums

Rotating Cylinders

Spinning Into Your Customers Attention

Take to the skies and add dynamic movements to your branding with stunning rotating cylinders that will catch the attention of all attendees and give you 360 degrees of advertising and marketing ability. 

Create a stunning central focal point with our rotating cylinders, the scalable curve framework can be freestanding or suspended to suit your space requirements.

Colorful Circles

360 Degree Coverage

Suspended tensile fabric structures are the perfect way of gaining an advantage over your competitors when it comes to competing for the audience's attention. Using a strong design makes your hanging canopy a great attention-seeking tool, usually branded with messaging about what lies below or logos and lighting to make use of this special branding opportunity. Regardless of where you are at the event, you will receive full coverage of the messaging.

Our Print Process

Printed using dye-sublimated fabrics, we use eco inks to minimise our impact on the environment, as well as PVC-free fabrics. Our reusable materials mean we can install and de-rig the rotating cylinder with ease, move it to the next event you have, or easily update the artwork if needed. We operate in a hassle-free manner, giving you the ability to focus on the event whilst we take care of everything, so why not lean on our 20 years of experience to produce outstanding artwork and frames? 

Perfect For Trade Shows

The rotating cylinders are perfect for indoor usages such as convention centres, retail stores and trade shows, highlighting any showcase areas within the location, the size of the rotating cylinders can be adjustable depending on the space you have, from 5m circumference to 14m. We understand the importance of branding, so why not market your event or business as clearly and vibrantly as possible with a rotating cylinder? 

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Production, Print & Installation

Quick Delivery Icon.png

Quick Delivery Options

Innovative Icon Grafit.png

Innovative Structures

Our Greener Hire Option Grafit Display.jpg

Our Green Hire Capability

We understand that the display industry produces a large amount of waste, and can be costly, which is why we offer all our products and services as a hire service. The benefits to you and your business are simple, produce the same desired outcome, for a more cost-effective price range, and lower your impact on the environment, what's not to like? 

We are able to break down our innovative solutions, to fit into smaller vehicles and reduce the need for larger transportation, along with our experienced fitters who can take away the stress and worry off your hands, and ensure you receive the most impactful solutions possible. Along with our internal print capability, we can support you across all stages of your journey and ensure 100% satisfaction

Our project management doesn't stop there, we test all our structures internally before getting on-site, meaning we have complete confidence that they will work and that any issues that occur can be rectified before the event. Our hire options still give you the freedom to use bespoke sizes to create your flexible spaces. 

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