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Our Environmental Policy

The Eco-friendly exhibition and event display agency for you

Environmental Policy Grafit Display Hire.jpg

As a company, we believe that the impact that display companies have on the environment is something all businesses should be taking seriously. That’s why we are pushing forward to lead the way and produce sustainable, reusable ways to produce outstanding structures that don’t compromise the environment

More and more companies are moving towards a more eco-friendly format, which will impact the industry greatly, as the higher the demand, the more the materials are going to reduce in cost from production to purchases for us and the customers. Along with that, the materials being produced are becoming closer to the quality of traditional products.

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Benefits Of Sustainable Displays


Lower Your Carbon Impact

The displays that we use aren't the only way that we are reducing our carbon footprint. Because of the easy-to-build and reusable materials we use, there is the ability to cut down the frameworks to more manageable sizes, meaning they can be transported by the business in a car, taxi or a smaller van than needing larger format vehicles, generating fewer emissions, less fuel used and a happy customer at the end of the journey. 


PVC-Free Fabrics

For any artwork that we generate to place onto our structures, we advise our customers to select materials that don’t use PVC. PVC stands for PolyVinyl Chloride, a product made from fossil fuels and natural gasses. The production of the product uses sodium chloride, meaning that it cannot be recycled correctly. 


Hiring Helps Sustainability

Whilst companies talk about being sustainable and wanting to do better for the environment, we have noticed that at events, exhibitions and conferences the structures are one of the areas that become a second thought at times. What we believe works is hiring the structures to produce the desired outcomes, meaning that businesses don’t have to worry about building or taking down anything, and can do what they are there for in the first place and enjoy the event, build connections and generate business. 

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Get In Touch

If there is something we haven’t included or accreditations you believe we should be on in order to continue our goal towards a better future, please get in touch with us.

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