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Our Hiring Solutions

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Hiring Displays Is The Future Of Exhibitions & Events

Anyone who has ever attended an exhibition knows the pain of ensuring you have everything you need, everything is set up in time and ready for the big day, then you will also know the pain of lugging around a giant Zeus case, and having a need to potentially hire cars or vans to transport your artwork and displays for you. That is just one of the many beauties of hiring your displays, you remove one of the biggest hassles out of the equation instantly. 

That’s where Grafit Display Hire comes in. We have been working with some of the biggest brands for the last 20 years, covering live events, exhibitions, retail spaces, workshops and more across every sector to deliver artwork and framework that wows everyone who goes by it. We deliver hassle-free service that can fit off-the-shelf frames or create more bespoke shapes and sizes, from curves and TVs to hanging canopies and illuminated totems.

Tight deadlines? We will work closely with you to help produce your desired outcome, with our on-site manufacturing team we can get prints sent out on same-day deliveries, and our installers 


Something we could help you with? Get in touch with one of the expert members of staff by emailing here or calling 01695 559 956 and we would be happy to discuss any needs you might have. 

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What Is Display Hiring?

Display hiring is a service at Grafit we offer brands the ability to produce the structures that they want, using large format printing and materials from vinyl to foamex and fabrics, just like any traditional print or display company. Where we differentiate ourselves is that we offer every one of those elements, on a hiring basis, where brands can enjoy their exhibitions, spotlight their latest product release and empower their space without having to worry about the aftermath, whilst saving money in the process.


Whether you are looking for a short-term exhibition stand hire or a long-term solution, we can deliver or install your design across the UK and Internationally. The rental systems are lightweight and easy to install, perfect for short windows of building up and breaking down.

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Benefits Of Hiring Your Structures & Displays


Cost Effective Solution


Less Weight & Smaller Sizes


More Sustainable Practice


No Storage Needs Or Removal Issues

One of the biggest benefits our clients see is the cost-effectiveness of hiring. We notice that on average hiring artwork and framework comes in at a ⅓ of the cost of outright purchasing, which when scaled to bigger events such as live sports, festivals or multi-day conferences, the saving is significant. But it’s not just the big events we cater for, with costs starting as low as a few hundred pounds depending on the product you are looking to hire.

Traditionally stands, artworks and banners come in large frames that are time-consuming to install. We use reusable materials such as wood and aluminium frames, allowing for frames to be cut down into sizes that can fit into a car or smaller vans, saving you money and meaning personnel have to deal with fewer items and our install team takes the weight off your shoulders - literally! 

Lower sizes + lower weights = lower CO2 impact. We value being a frontrunner in graphic design prints & displays pushing for more sustainable methods of working within our sector. The addition of using reusable frames and materials 

You have just finished your incredible event, or your banner campaign is finally over, the last thing you want to worry about is where you are going to put the old artwork and take down the frames. With so much waste generated within events as a whole, it is important to us seeing that any reusable artworks are stored and kept for another session, the frameworks we can take back and put back to use, and any artwork used can be redistributed through the correct channels to be recycled apposed to being binned

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