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How you can create your perfect exhibition stand at a fraction of the cost

Creating a successful exhibition stand can be costly, it is a large investment for businesses so brands need to ensure they are spending the money wisely. Fortunately, we have some easy hacks for brands to accomplish something that wows the attendees that don’t have to break the bank! 

Make it light and bright 

A great way to get the attention of attendees is the use of lighting and bright colours. Well-lit artworks stand out more than simple shapes and prints, so ensure proper lighting is installed and your branding has the important areas bright and eye-catching. 

Using a Lightbox embedded within your exhibition stand or opposed to Pop-Ups is a cost-effective way to produce an area that highlights the product or messaging you are trying to promote at the event, whether it's a product or service. 

Cost-Effective Exhibition Stand - Grafit Display Hire

Hire Your Framework Apposed To Purchasing

The most efficient way for brands to save money on their exhibition stands is by hiring their stands. Rather than having to purchase a new frame system every time, simply hire the stock for the framework and only have to buy the graphic elements. In comparison, a brand would save around ⅓ of the cost by simply hiring the stock as opposed to purchasing, meaning brands can afford to add more elements to wow their clients such as lightboxes, cube stacks, hanging frames and more. 

Hiring your stock also removes any requirements of yourselves from building or de-rigging the stand, meaning you can relax and focus on the event as opposed to the set-up stress! 

Environmentally Friendly Exhibition Stands

A large benefit for brands who hire their stock is you are picking a greener option. The events industry contributes to a large amount of waste, unfortunately, and as a company that cares about the impact it has, we believe that hiring stock is a great way to reduce the impact on the environment. By using reusable structures and eco-friendly prints, you can turn your once-wasteful event stand into a reusable and recyclable marketing plan! 

To create the perfect exhibition stand for a fraction of the cost, you need to work with a brand that understands the market and can produce your desired outcomes! We have been working with brands for over 10 years in producing perfection, so why not let us create something special for your business?



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