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The Perfect Way To Maximise Your Event Branding

Event Branding is one of the most important elements of a successful event. Why? Because the groundwork you put in from the start and the vision you dream up has to work, otherwise your event won’t be as successful or run as smoothly as you would hope. Events ran properly leave an extremely positive impression and feeling about your business, alluding to the fact that the more you put in, the more you get out of it. 

The secret to event branding is simple, you need to consider what you are building, who you are building it for, and what you hope they get out of your show. Consider your values, image and messaging you're known for and ensure you align with your brand identity, meaning you can generate business leads, and make meaningful connections with people that suit your sector.

What is Event Branding?

Event Branding is the decision brands take to create an identifiable colour scheme, layout and image to tie in all elements of an event. This can be from the logos, slogans, messaging, directional signage and anything else that creates a visual effect to stand out.

The more branding opportunities you can provide at your event, the higher our ability to attract more sponsors, to create more zones and areas, that attract more visitors and get noticed by the public. The branding opportunities can be as simple as naming the events, supplying food or drink only from a specific brand, or something as simple as a branded lanyard. 

The event branding needs to be cohesive and easy to understand, meaning that the tone is with your messaging, colour palettes and strategy. By making your materials and experiences fit together holistically, you create a better experience for the attendees. Themes are a great way of organically building an effective event branding opportunity, meaning both attendees and sponsors are able to understand and join in with their messaging and design. 

Traditional Event Branding Examples

Branded Bags 

Branded materials that you hand out at your event that can offer brand image after the event is over such as tote bags, pens, notepads and more.

Social Wall 

Create a photo opportunity for the attendees to share across their social media - get your key messaging or sponsors across the background. 

Event App

With downloadable content, timetables, and event layouts, the event app is the perfect way to brand your event with useable content for your attendees. 

Event Website 

Get found online organically by having an interactive and exciting website that draws people to attend your event. 

The Future Product Of Event Branding

We have found the perfect way to create several points of event branding that catch the eye of every visitor, the Illuminated Rotating Cube Stack.

A product offering that highlights your products or services in the most creative way possible, the cube stacks are a talking point and an eye-catcher all in one. Produce eye-catching branding by using our bold and unique illuminated rotating cube stacks. 12 tension fabric graphics give you the space to promote your product and events to make your areas pop. With the ability to spin you can have all four sides exposed to viewers at any time, and at any angle. This means people don’t have the chance to miss all of the information you are trying to get in front of them.

Get in touch with our team today and find out how you can brand your event in the most spectacular way.



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