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Top Tips for Designing Exhibition Stands

Exhibition stands play a crucial role in attracting and engaging visitors when businesses attend trade shows and conferences. A well-designed and printed stand can make a lasting impression and contribute to the overall success of your participation. We are going to share with you some key tips and tricks to consider when entering the planning stage for your event to create an exhibition stand that effectively showcases your brand and message. Let's dive in!

Understanding the Basics of Exhibition Stand Design

The key to success within events starts with a solid understanding of the basics. A well-constructed campaign for an exhibition stand not only attracts attention and footfall but also communicates the brand values and key messages your company aims to portray.

Before you begin, ensure you consider the spatial elements of the venue, consider which areas are key to the whole event and where is likely to have a high array of footfall giving you maximum visibility and engagement. Ensure you generate areas of interest from your messaging to tangible elements on your stand such as demonstrations or videos to enhance visitors' experience.

Importance of a Well-Designed Exhibition Stand

Events and Exhibition Stands should not be rushed, the more time invested into the stand the higher chance of success. Well-designed stands elevate your brand's presence, enhancing your credibility and help stand out from your competitors, which you can achieve by enhancing your visual experience.

Moreover, a well-designed stand can serve as a reflection of your company's commitment to quality and innovation. This is highlighted by paying attention to even the smallest details, such as the materials used, furniture selection, and overall aesthetic appeal you create with your displays along with your collateral, the end result? A sense of professionalism and excellence to potential clients and partners.

When it comes to designing an exhibition stand, several key elements must be considered. These elements include the layout of your exhibition stand, is it visible from one side or is it an open space, do the colours you use, do they line up with your brand imagery? Is everything readable and understandable? Lighting needs to be considered to add importance to your key areas, and finally, the signage and displays you choose to create, are your images high quality, does the messaging tell the visitor what they need to know in the short, snappy copy? Furthermore, the use of elements such as videos or interactive displays can help in conveying complex information in a more engaging and memorable way.

Planning Exhibition Stands

Planning Your Exhibition Stand

We have a separate article that talks about the importance of the design process as that is a large portion of your plan, therefore it's crucial that the following elements don't fall by the wayside.

Identifying Your Goals

Clear and concise objectives should be set in preparation for the exhibition. What is your ultimate goal, to generate leads, increase the brand awareness of your business, highlight a specific product or service, or simply strengthen your position as a market leader and improve your customer relationships? By setting goals your team are able to understand what you are trying to get out of the event and can support the vision.

Consider whether you are looking for short-term goals or long-term results. Examples of short-term goals for events could be collecting a certain number of leads during the event, and handing out a number of marketing collateral such as brochures and business cards. Longer-term aspirations could be brand awareness, or nurturing relationships in order to create sales opportunities and produce long-lasting business plans.

Knowing Your Audience

Something that isn't always considered is the understanding of who will be attending, are they decision makers or assistants, where are they based demographically, what services or products might this sector need, and whether they can be swayed from suppliers, they're just a few of the elements you should consider. The result? by catering to their needs and wants rather than generic messaging and marketing, you are likely to immerse visitors in a more memorable experience and conversation by grabbing their attention. There is always a reason for someone to attend an event, unlock this and showcase how your brand can help by addressing their pain points and enjoying the rewards of a successful event.

We help businesses deliver their goals on a day-to-day basis, and work closely to ensure these considerations are thought about. So why not drop us a line and see if we can help you achieve it?



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